Float Club is the most affordable and schedule-friendly way for you to add floating to your wellness practice. Whatever you do, practising rest and recovery will help you do it better.

Nestled amongst the peaceful bush in Titirangi, you will start feeling that post-float bliss from the moment you arrive to well after you’ve left. Make the Float Club’s tank your personal wellness get away from the city, available whenever you need it.

What is Float Club?

Float club is a club for people who love to float and are dedicated to making it a regular part of their lives. They enjoy more affordable regular floating 24/7 at Float Culture’s smart float club facility. It’s simple, affordable and accessible.

How do I join?

When you join Float Club, we’ll send you a video with detailed instructions, answer all of your questions, and give you a bag of goodies with everything you need for floating. Once you’ve done your initial float and see how easy it is, you’ll be able to make bookings and show yourself in at any time of the day, just like a 24/7 gym.


Affordable floats.

Free access to our exclusive float programs such as The Urban Monk Mindfulness Program and Better Sleep Program.

Access to Float Club’s online portal, where you can talk floating and everything wellness with your other club members

Vouchers for discounted floats at Float Culture’s Mt Eden location.

How it works

Once you’ve had your first session with a detailed safety briefing, floating will go like this:

1. Make the booking at least 15 min before the session via Momence app.

2. Get an email with your personal entry code.

3. Show up on time.

4. Then you’re guided by our audio prompts to make sure you don’t miss a step.

5. Enjoy your float.

6. Music will sound to indicate the end of your float. Get out of the tank & shower.

7. Get dressed, then do your bit as a Float Club member to leave the facility clean and tidy.

8. Leave within 20 minutes after your float, to let the smart facility do the rest.


A state of calm that endures between floats.

Long term boost of energy and mood.

Gains in productivity and focus.

Reduced pain from past injuries.

Relief from lower back pain.

Managed stress.

Lower levels of anxiety.

Long term management of depression.



Titirangi Float Club Trial


Two weeks of unlimited floats at the Titirangi Float Room.

One time purchase only, activated by your first visit.

Limited time offer!

Titirangi Float Club Monthly


1x 60 min float per month.
Additional floats $49 +bonus.

12-month contract.


$70 per week

Unlimited floats at Titirangi

Unlimited weekdays floats at Grafton (not more than 1 per day)

4-month contract.

Gift floats Grafton $75.


  • Exclusive Float Programs (Better Sleep/ Mindfulness programs available)
  • Access to Float Club community portal
  • Discounted gift vouchers (for Mt Eden location only)


Most frequent questions and answers

After placing a booking online, you will receive SMS with access code number, that is valid for one visit. Once inside, the audio with safety instructions will play to remind you of the process of floating. Once your float has finished, it will begin the cleaning process (also just like a normal float tank). The entire volume of water is circulated and filtered through a sterilization system several times. During the filtering process, the disinfectant hydrogen peroxide is added to the water and then put through a UV light to kill any germs. Though, with the amount of epsom salts in the water, no bacteria can live in it for an extended period. Once you leave the room our SMART facility washes down the floor and using a strong sanitizing UV light to disinfect the surfaces. Provided that Float Club members pick up their rubbish and return the facilities amenities to the correct place, the facility will be in perfect shape for the next Float Club member.

It is your job as a Float Club member to practice safe floating. Remember that, unlike the usual float facility, the tank is not attended in between each floater nor is there someone immediately at hand to ensure your safety. As a Float Club member, you are trusted to take care of the facility and yourself. Practicing the following guidelines will help you, and all of the other club members, make the most of the automated float facility.

  • Ensure the doors to the facility are firmly closed whenever you are inside or leaving.
  • No glass is allowed in the facility: please leave them outside. When broken, shards of glass are impossible to make out on wet surfaces.
  • Use the SOS button inside the tank for emergencies only. It will call a St. John’s Ambulance. In cases of inconvenience or malfunction, call our Float Culture’s Team at 09-281 4648.
  • Treat all of the surfaces inside the float facility like they’re wet– just like at a swimming pool. Though the unit has been built with non-slip surfaces, being careful is the only way to ensure your safety.
  • For your safety, leave the room in 15 min following your float, to ensure that you’re not present for the automatic sanitation.
  • Practising breath techniques that require hyperventilating, like the Wim Hof method, are not recommended while floating. You run the risk of having your head go under the water and inhaling the solution. Practice such breathing techniques before or after your float and stick to breathing normally during your float.
  • Do not consume, or bring with you, any drugs or alcohol to your float.

When you first create an account with us make sure to tick “txt appointment reminds”. After you place your first booking, but not earlier that 24hr before your appointment time, you will receive an SMS with access PIN Code. Upon arrival you will have a 20 min time window to enter the PIN Code (5 min before the start of your appointment time up to 15min after the start of your appointment time). Before entering the code make sure you are in this time window. After the code is entered correctly your appointment will start.